Teen STAR 2nd program in Pakistan

I am pleased to inform that recently we have started TeenSTAR second program with 18 young boys of Rawalpindi. Five of them are minor seminary students and the rest belong to Focolare Movement. The program is on weekly basis (2 hours on every Saturday and it will last till March 2017). Pervez Roderick is giving […]

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diciembre 28, 2016

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Hanna’s Christmas greeting

On Christmas when God showed us the real value of our humanity by taking it on and being born as one of us, we want to thank God and all our friends for the tangible fruits of 2016 When the Word was made Flesh  the dignity  of the body, of the WHOLE person could no  […]

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diciembre 24, 2016


Teen STAR 2016 in Igarassu (Brazil)

Teen STAR in Brazil has been known and welcomed by Brazilians. This year 2016, the Seminar was held in the Northeast of the Country, in Igarassu, a municipality in the Metropolitan Region of Recife, on the coast of the state of Pernambuco. The seminar was attended by 183 participants from all over Brazil. We had […]

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diciembre 22, 2016

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Teen STAR’s member Elsa Schagerl meet Sr. Theresa in Uganda

Elsa Schagerl is the leader of our foundation  “Bruecke nach Uganda“ in Austria and a member of TeenSTAR Austria. The foundation has worked for four years in Uganda to support orphance and school fees. Now they changed our program only for school fees, school for adults (for those are not able to read and write) and […]

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diciembre 20, 2016

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Teen STAR in Austria (summary)

In January 2017 we start with formation near Linz, at Asten. In summer 2016 we had a workshop in Brixen, South-Tyrol (Nord-Italy) with 14 persons. We help to build TeenSTAR in their region. It goes on. They prepare ther examens for January 2017. In summer 2016 we also had a workshop in Hungry with 21 […]

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diciembre 19, 2016

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