Founder’s Christmas greeting

On Christmas
when God
showed us the real value
of our humanity by taking
it on and being born as one
of us, we want to thank God
and all our friends for the
tangible fruits of 2016

When the Word was made Flesh the dignity of the body, of the WHOLE person could no longer be denied. The body has its own truths. Understanding them is the timely antidote to our culture’s separation of sexuality not only from procreation but from relationships.

While our culture seems undeterred and continues to separate sex from procreation, there is a steady decline of the rate of sexual relations among US high school students. Even though  both teen births and teen abortions have thankfully declined they are still extant especially among minority women.  Health care professionals have responded by  pushing LARCs – Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives – essentially implants and IUDs onto teens, even inserting these into teen mothers right after they give birth.

We have opted for a different approach. Staff or our local Pregnancy Aid Center, Centro Tepeyac have been trained to offer Teen STAR and the Billings method to clients as appropriate for their life situations. Teen STAR has been accepted enthusiastically and the second group of 20 participants has already begun. We hope to persuade more pregnancy crisis centers to move beyond crisis, and join us in offering effective proactive sexuality education – Teen STAR – which uses experiential learning for self discovery and ultimately self possession!

As the time required for teacher training has proved difficult for many who desire to serve youth we are developing a partial on line training to reduce the necessary personal contact time.

Training workshops in London, UK and  Wenatchee, WA have led to new programs.  Visits by Hanna Klaus  to celebrate Teen STAR Croatia’s  15th anniversary and Teen STAR Spain’s annual meeting at the Catholic University of Valencia allowed her to meet many old and  new friends and rejoice in the progress made.

Internationally Teen STAR continues to thrive, our August meeting in Rome encouraged us with reports of growth from our 14 autonomous country programs and word of new programs in the Philippines, Madagascar and Central African Republic. A new diocesan site was added in Burma in November, thanks to Mrs. Mitos Rivera, Philippine coordinator.

We are deeply concerned about the harmful effects of contraceptive steroid hormones on the adolescent brain and wish to offer Teen STAR as a harm-free alternative to the many who serve youth. References are available on request.

Please join us in praying for continued success and growth of this work, which we believe in the Lord’s, and receive our continuing prayerful thanks to our teachers, Board members, supporters and my fellow Medical Mission Sisters.

May God give you much joy in celebrating Christmas and bless you with a holy and happy New Year.

In the Lord,

Sr. Hanna Klaus, MMS, M.D.

We send our continued

prayerful and loving thanks

to all our work and prayer

collaborators  and supporters

and pray that this

Feast will bring rich blessings

and above all, PEACE