France: visit of Hanna Klaus and release of ‘Manon, Lucas et les autres…’

TeenSTAR France – Update on Oct 8th, 2017

Thanks to our 200 active teachers, almost 2000 young people attended a TeenSTAR program during the 2016-2017 period!

Visit of Hanna Klaus

On September 18th, 2017, we had the great honor to welcome Sr Hanna Klaus in Paris, stop over on her trip back from Ireland to Washington. Angela, Claudine, Christian, Hélène, and friends involved in the development of the program in France were there to thank again Hanna for the intuition of TeenSTAR!

Websérie Manon, Lucas et les autres…

In October, will be released a serie on 5 minutes videos dedicated to teenagers and young adults. Videos relate the life of teenagers and young adults questioning themselves on their personal development, aspiration, relationship with others… based on scenarios written with the support of TeenSTAR teachers. Thanks to Hélène, Sophie, Edwige, Laurent, Luc.

octubre 30, 2017

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