News from Mexico! A letter from Marcela León

Sr. Hanna Klaus, Teen STAR’s founder, bring us a letter from Dr. Marcela León, coordinator of Teen Star in Nogales, Mexico.

«I wanted to share with you that I gave a workshop in Guadalajara, to the Legionaries of Christ in last August, 27 teachers total, very good teachers. There are going to be 1,000 students receiving Teen STAR this year in Guadalajara! So, keep us in your prayers!! It has been very good to work with them. What I have been learning is that it is very important to have a person to make the follow ups with the new teachers and Father Fernando LC is doing it very well, he is a TS teacher trained in Italy, he is a Mexican priest. The students seem to be very happy with the program, and the teachers and parents too. Working in Guadalajara is a bridge to train teachers from all over the country.

In Nogales 2 teachers with a good TS profile are working with better results!! Thanks be to God!!!

I (Marcela) talked to the Pastor of the (new area to which she moved) and presented him Teen STAR. He approved me to teach and work with the Catechists!! They are very enthusiastic to be trained. I know I have to be very simple to teach them, we need to be there, with the poor, with TS Teachers from those places. I’m very happy! Keep us in your prayers!!!».

(What joy to receive this news and especially to see the successful outreach to the poor. Marcela has made the teaching simple and therefore accessible. We need to ask her to present her methodololg again to the International meeting).

s. Hanna

septiembre 26, 2019

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