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After 39 years in the Washington area, the NFP Center of Wash. D.C. will move to 8400 Pine Road, Philadelphia, PA 19111. Sr. Hanna will continue as executive director, but Suzanne Spence is directing efforts in the West coast region of the United States, Deacon Santiago Molina in the South while directors for the East Coast and Middle West are in the offing. The August 6-9 teacher training has resulted to a new program in McAllen, Texas, thanks to Fr. Alexandro Flores who brought his DRE and a teaching couple to the workshop. There is much interest in Teen STAR now as people are concerned about their teens: opiate addiction and suicides, the recently published Danish study linking hormonal contraceptives with youth’s depression and suicide especially in the first year of use, and the unexpected rise in depression among teens who spend much of their time online. The is thought result fro a lack of actual relationships in contrast to the virtual relationships of online friendships. We look forward to an increase in outreach and training with our new directors.

Photo: Image 0118: Valerie and Matthieu Rossano,(Teen STAR UK) Hanna Klaus and Christian Thery (Teen STAR France) in Quad of University College, Cork, Ireland at conclusion of a visit to (re)introduce Teen STAR in Ireland at the invitation of Mairin O’Sullivan. We met with one Bishop and several interested persons. On return via Paris Christian had arranged a lovely evening with many of the pioneer French Teen STAR teachers as well as many more recent ones. It was a joyous homecoming for me – such a joy to see the growth which has taken place and to read the many testimonials from the teachers who were unable to join us. The Lord inspired us to form Teen STAR to respond to a culture which was not helping young people to lead fulfilling lives. Teen STAR’s program of helping teens integrate their sexuality into their personality has made a very positive contribution.

Photo tstt. Bethesda, 2017. Participants in front of Our Lady of Lourdes parish, Bethesda, MD.

Photo TSTT. Bethesda: Mary Lou Bryant Reid teaches Teen STAR session.

Hanna Klaus

diciembre 15, 2017

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