TeenSTAR activity in the UK

In 2015, a French TeenSTAR teacher, saddened by the fact that TeenSTAR did not exist in the UK, had the guts to stir heaven and earth in organising a first training session in the UK scheduled for March 2016, which 27 of us attended, delighted to be trained by Sr Hanna, Mary-Lou Le Briant and Christian Théry.  This training course was an answer to the prayers of a mother of 10, living in London, who knew about TeenSTAR and had been praying for years for the TeenSTAR programme to be implemented in the UK.

And then in September 2016 a few TeenSTAR programmes started up in London.

Members of the new UK team then asked the French to come back in May 2017 to train a new bunch of people. Again, new programmes started in new schools, etc.

Three of our newly trained teachers are now looking to expand TeenSTAR in their area, including Cambridge, Portsmouth, and… Ireland!  So the French trainers already have dates booked in their diary to come back to the UK in 2018!

…….. Pure joy! ………… The tree is growing! Thanks be to God!

To contact our team in the UK :   info.teenstaruk@gmail.com

noviembre 22, 2017

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