TeenSTAR in the MEHR-Kongress (Germany, Jan. 2017)

MEHR-Congress, Augsburg, Germany, 5th – 8th January 2017

In January 2017, TeenSTAR participated for the first time in the MEHR-Kongress, which regularly takes place in Augsburg and  which is organized by the “Gebetshaus” under the leadership of Johannes Hartl. In 2017 MEHR was an event with over 8000 people. Our stand was big enough (12 qm) for a spacious presentation of our TeenSTAR-programme. A further plus of having enough space was, that it was easy to communicate with several  interested visitors at the same time – thanks to Uta und Stefan Brand, Chiara Gammetbauer, Ralf Luge and Michaela Plitzner for their great work. It was obvious, that young people favored our sixteen-year-old Chiara for talking, while male visitors prefered talking to Ralf instead of talking to a female TeenSTAR-instructor.  It comes out that it really is important to appear with different people. However, all of us feel a great gratitude for the enriching encounters and deep conversations.

Last but not least it was wonderful, that TeenSTAR Germany had its presentation together with TeenSTAR Austria; it was a pleasure to come to know our charming Austrian colleague Gabriele Steffin and her family; during our short breaks we could sit and exchange our experiences.
In case you´ve never had the experience of presenting TeenSTAR at a congress – don´t wait, it is very rewarding.

This gives you an impression of atmosphere in the congress hall.


febrero 17, 2018

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