TeenStar report from Mathare (Nairobi, Kenya), may 2018


Teenagers registration on day one

The Teen star Course started on 27th May 2018 with a parents meeting which was successful through the assistance of Sr. Marilena and Sr. Gianna. Parents were briefed on the importance and requirements of the Teen star Course to their children. Their commitment was a core value to the progress of the teenagers.

On 3rd June 2018 was a great day as all the teenagers came and looked ready and excited. We must admit that it was a unique group. The course started with the introduction of the animators. The animators present were Sr. Marilena, Sr. Gianna, Joab and Rozina, Paul, Judy and Mary. The course leaders were Lawrence and Millycent. The participants were 11 girls and 8 boys aged between 12 years and 18 years. They were taken through the history of Teen star, Sex and Sexuality, Five fields of the star of Teen star i.e. Body, Feelings, Mind, Environment/Relationships and Soul/Spirituality. Also discussed were equal values of genders.

On 10th June 2018 we had the second unit where boys and girls were separated to deepen their different physical features, behaviour and thoughts. The teens started their journey of puberty development, discovering and appreciating their sex organs. It was really a beautiful and challenging discovery.

June 17th 2018 the girls proceeded with the cycle exploration and hygiene while the boys got enlightened on hormones and also the mood chart. Both committed to observations.

On June 24th the girls understood the concept of self observation and the importance of their sex organs. The topic on hormones was deepened. The girls did not manage to visit a gynecologist but had an important discussion on different circumstances for the visits and actions. The boys tackled the topic on testosterone cycle and also appreciated the anatomy and task of the female sex organ and the difference of sexual perception. The teenagers were really impressed by the swap in animators. It was interesting. On 1st July 2018 was the day for Women and Men in the Media. We had a discussion on what is media? And then there was a debate titled ‘’ If you are 14 years and doesn’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend you are a wuss’’. The debate went on very well and later on there was sorting of pictures that the teens had been bringing from unit one. The pictures were sorted out under sexy, ordinary and art. The teens were amazed with the TV commercials and had different impressions. One teen even commented ` I am amazed with how media has a way of turning around things’.

On 8th July the topic was on friendship and love. There was an exercise on self and people closer to us. The exercise had a big impact on the teens as it encouraged them to visualize on the importance of and appreciation of those who love them and they love. One teen commented that according to her ` No one was at a permanent place on her chart’ the knowledge of the day was a turnaround. They all had the desire to build true relationships and commit to change those around them especially those who did not attend the course. There was good debate during the building of the house of love. What a day! On 15th July 2018 we watched the video «Miracle of Life’’ and thereafter a reflection on it. The teens were amazed at the journey of life. At the end of the day all of them felt how each of them is unique and that everyone alive is a winner. Also shared was the importance of Love and Life which are at the core of Miracle of Life.

On 22nd July 2018 the topic was Contraceptives and Sexually transmitted diseases. The teens were able to identify the locally available contraceptives, their use and effects on their bodies. At one point the discussion deviated to issue of abortion. Their take on contraception was that if no contraception is 100% effective then they should not be used. The teenagers later on agreed that abstinence was the best contraception method. The girls were informed that fertility awareness was the best form of contraception and this could only be achieved if they continued to observe and record their charts and observations. On 29th July 2018 the entire topics of the day were marvelous. The teens enjoyed. The explanation of the meaning of Sexual Intercourse and hygiene of the soul was very interesting. They were able to build self awareness under the personal portrait and circle of personality, they were able to transform their beliefs to beautiful vision through the topic  ` What it means to be a good father/mother’’.

On 5th August was the graduation day for the teenagers. They arrived early to give feedback on the whole course. The teenagers then prepared skits covering all the theme areas of the teen star course. The parents joined us later at the hall for the celebration. The celebration began with few songs then followed by the introduction of the animators. This was followed by the skits that were prepared by the two groups. The skits were very interesting and showed they had grasped the whole course. Two parents (Mother to Simon and Father to Steve) spoke on behalf of the parents about how the course had impacted on their children. Lawrence spoke on behalf of the animators and Joab was the master of ceremony. The teenagers received their certificates and gifts, then the cutting of cakes and sodas with some music.

octubre 4, 2018