Third International Conference on the Theology of the Body (Germany, Nov. 2017)

International Conference, Eichstätt, Germany, 10th – 12th November 2017

From 10th  till 12th of November 2017 the third International Conference on the Theology of the Body  took place at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Germany. For three days the question „Is it possible to love this way?“ was focussed on in speeches and workshops.

TeenSTAR presented two workshops. One was held by Annett Arnold, who –  beside Elisabeth Pesahl – is the co-author of the newly published kids coursebook Me and my body – understanding my development. Her topic was «The child on the brink of puberty. TeenSTAR – Sex education for kids at primary-school age». Based on the child´s state of development before puberty Annett offered her listeners valuable suggestions for sexual education within the family. Annett also introduced the course book, which aims at boys and girls aged 9 to 12. In addition the book invites parents to work on select topics together with their child, as the course book opens the path to discussions in the family. Annett’s listeners especially esteemed the aspect that TeenSTAR values the parents as main educators.

The other workshop was held by Dr. Elisabeth Luge and focused on the youth: «To be a person with heart and soul». As many youths are not aware that puberty not only changes their bodies, but also their minds, their feelings, their relationships with other people, Elisabeth offered insight into two TeenSTAR course-units, namely «Being in love» and «The meaning of intimate relationship». The listeners, mainly aged between 20 and 35, could learn the  true meaning of fertility. They could also see that there is a difference between the mere feeling of falling in love with a person and the adult decision to love a person, faithfully and for ever. The difference became obvious and arouse amusement among the over 50 listeners when they watched the flashing fire of a sparkler and the quite flame of a candle.

Considering the theological and anthropological background of the conference our message was, that the TeenSTAR program incorporates sexual pedagogy and youth pastoral and helps kids and adolescents develop into responsible personalities capable of leading relationships.

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